Defending Digital Privacy (DDP)

Defending Digital Privacy (DDP)

DDP Networks in South East Asia.

The Human Rights Lawyers Association (HRLA) is delighted to facilitate information sharing between volunteer lawyers in each of the target jurisdictions in SEA. This will include administering an online platform to share documents/files, house chats and organize regular virtual seminars on relevant digital privacy rights topics such as integrating privacy into your legal practice.

DDP Virtual Seminar Series

21 December 2023

Course :  The State of Privacy and Data Protection in Thailand: Safe or Sorry? (1 hour)

Date / Time :
6:00 AM (EST)
6:00 PM (Bangkok/Jakarta) 
7:00 PM (Manila/Kuala Lumpur)

Conducted by : Ms. Kunthika Nutcharut
Attorney at Lawyer at Krisadang Nutcharut Law and Accounting Office Associate Lawyer, and a Human Rights Lawyer for Thai Lawyers for Human Rights.

Method : ONLINE
Pre-registration required Link

Mark your calendar and join us the upcoming monthly events!

29 November 2023

Course :  Privacy-Preserving Data Publishing and Data Mining (1 hour)

Date / Time : 8:00 PM (Bangkok/Jakarta)  
                      9:00 PM (Manila/Kuala Lumpur)

Conducted by : Dr. Benjamin Fung
Canada Research Chair in Data Mining for Cybersecurity, a Full Professor of School of Information Studies (SIS) at McGill University, and an Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Data and Engineering (TKDE) and Elsevier Sustainable Cities and Society (SCS)

Method : ONLINE
Pre-registration required Link

Recorded session available here: Link



24 August 2023

Course : How to Create a Successful Online Event. (1 hour)

Time : 11 am (Bangkok/Jakarta) / 12 pm (Manila/Kuala Lumpur)

Conducted by : Elizabeth Donkervoort
Program Director, Center for Global ProgramsAmerican Bar Association

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