An open letter urging the Lawyers Council of Thailand to dismiss Mr. Aphiwat Khanthong’s motion to debar Mr. Anon Nampha

An open letter urging the Lawyers Council of Thailand to dismiss Mr. Aphiwat Khanthong’s motion to debar Mr. Anon Nampha

An open letter urging the Lawyers Council of Thailand to dismiss Mr. Aphiwat Khanthong’s motion to debar Mr. Anon Nampha

In pursuance to the motion on 7 August 2020 by Mr. Aphiwat Khanthong, Vice Minister for the Office of the Prime Minister and an attorney of Or Amphon Anuporn & Associates Law Office to the Lawyers Council of Thailand Under the Royal Patronage to debar Mr. Anon Nampha, a human rights attorney citing Mr. Anon’s behavior which is allegedly in breach of the Lawyers Council of Thailand’s regulation. The case stems from his public speech which is deemed to incite, intend to cause unrest, distort information and infringe on the monarchy. The speech was delivered during a public rally at the Democracy Monument on Ratchadamnoen Rd. on 3 August 2020. Prior to this, Mr. Aphiwat Khanthong has reported the case against Mr. Anon Nampha at the Samranrat Police Station accusing him of violating the Penal Code’s Sections 116 and 215 based on the same incidence on 5 August 2020. The case is under investigation by the inquiry official.

Human Rights Lawyers Association (HRLA), Union for Civil Liberties (UCL), and other signatories to this letter deem that the Lawyers Council of Thailand’s Committee on Professional Ethics may only debar an attorney registered according to the Lawyers Act, B.E. 2528 (1985)’s Section 52(3), albeit the requirements pursuant to the Lawyers Act, B.E. 2528 (1985)’s Section 51/2 must first be met. In other word, it must appear that such attorney has acted in defiance or failed to comply with the Lawyers Council of Thailand’s regulation. But none of the Lawyers Council of Thailand’s Regulation on Professional Ethics B.E.2529 (1986) appears to support the reasons cited by Mr. Aphiwat Khanthong which may justify the debarment of Mr. Anon. The legal case referred to by Mr. Aphiwat Khanthong is subject to police investigation, and no final verdict has yet been made by the Court. Mr. Aphiwat Khanthong who is an attorney of the Or Amphon Anuporn & Associates Law Office and serves as Vice Minister for the Office of the Prime Minister should be well aware that the case reported against Mr. Anon does not meet the requirements to have him debarred according to Section 35 of the Lawyers Act.

HRLA finds Mr. Aphiwat Khanthong’s accusation contains no ground which may justify the initiation of the review of misconduct of an attorney pursuant to the Lawyers Act’s Section 65. The Lawyers Council of Thailand can therefore dismiss the allegation immediately without having to initiate an inquiry.

Until now, Mr. Anon Nampha has been performing his duties as a human rights lawyer to address various issues faced by the people including the environment, labor protection, the rights in judicial process, and the right to freedom of expression which all are fundamentally indispensable in a robust and sustainable democracy with the King as Head of State. He has bravely performed his duties as a professional lawyer to preserve the dignity of the profession and to defend rights and freedoms of the people. His practice should rather be a model that inspires other lawyers.

HRLA fervently hopes that the Lawyers Council of Thailand which is a legal intuition that offers immense services to the public and play vitally important roles to protect its member attorneys and to help people to have access to justice should dismiss the accusation against Mr. Anon Nampha. The LCT should make its stand to protect the lawyers’ and people’s right to freedom of expression known to the public. LCT should not become a political tool which can be exploited to intimidate political dissents.

With respect in the people’s rights and freedoms and human dignity

  1. Human Rights Lawyers Association (HRLA)
  2. Union for Civil Liberties (UCL)
  3. Raks Ban Haeng Conservation Group
  4. Eco-Culture Study Group
  5. Raks Wanon Niwat Conservation Group
  6. Raks Sub Kham Pa Lai Conservation Group
  7. Khon Rak Ban Kerd Group of Six Villages
  8. Khon Rak Ban Kerd Bamnet Narong Group
  9. Khao Lao Yai-Pha Jan Dai Conservation Group
  10. NGO Coordinating Committee
  11. Network of the People Who Own Mineral Resources
  12. Public Policy on Mineral Resources Project (PPM)
  13. Niti Podaphon Law Office
  14. 29 Thanin Co.
  15. North Net Foundation
  16. Cross Cultural Foundation (CrCF)
  17. Community Resource Centre (CRC)
  18. Thai Volunteers Services (TVS)
  19. Muslim Attorney Centre
  20. Thai Lawyers for Human Rights (TLHR)
  21. Human Rights and Environment Association (HREA)
  22. Chirasak and Associates Law Office
  23. Niti Sajja Tham Law Office
  24. Suebsan Rojanawan Law Office
  25. Chainij Law Office
  26. Neti Kawee Language and Law Office
  27. Nattha-on Law Office
  28. Kritsada Khunnarong Attorney
  29. Kanchana Akkharachat Attorney
  30. Kritsadang Nutcharat Attorney
  31. Korawitcha Nasinphoem Attorney
  32. Kritsadayut Mangkon Attorney
  33. Kanphai Khraikhruan Attorney
  34. Kritkaeo Kaeophrom Attorney
  35. Kunthika Nutcharat Attorney
  36. Kanrat Tonsunankun Attorney
  37. Korakanok Chaiklaeo Attorney
  38. Kanphatsa Singthong Attorney
  39. Kitti Ninphai Attorney
  40. Khumklao Songsombun Attorney
  41. Khoriyo Manuchae Attorney
  42. Khomsan Patsi Attorney
  43. Chirarat Munsiri Attorney
  44. Chinchutha Bamphenwatthana Attorney
  45. Chamlong Bunchum                 Attorney
  46. Chirayu Sa-nguankaeo Attorney
  47. Chiraphong Sirimueang Attorney
  48. Chirasak Bunna                          Attorney
  49. Chaloemsi Prasoetsi                 Attorney
  50. Chaowalit Inchan Attorney
  51. Chanachit Ronmai Attorney
  52. Chawinrot Thiraphatcharaphon Attorney
  53. Chanchai Chaowanangkun Attorney
  54. Chuchok Nirandonrat Attorney
  55. Acting Sub Lt Chawanan Kanokwichitsin Attorney
  56. Supyan Duerahing Attorney
  57. Chokchai Angkaeo Attorney
  58. Don Kasemratchadarak Attorney
  59. Toemphon Thongsut Attorney
  60. Trinak Hiranphoem Attorney
  61. Thanomsak Rawatchai Attorney
  62. Natthasiri Boekmaen Attorney
  63. Natthathanan Anannatthasiri Attorney
  64. Natthadotnai Kunthatyot-anan Attorney
  65. Naruedi Chueakitkamchon Attorney
  66. Tittasat Sutsaen Attorney
  67. Acting Lt Thatsaphon Mongchobidon Attorney
  68. Thanathon Thananon Attorney
  69. Thiraphon Khumsap Attorney
  70. Thiraphan Phankhiri Attorney
  71. Thiradon Pawinaphon Attorney
  72. Thiraphat Charoensuk Attorney
  73. Thitiphong Sisaen Attorney
  74. Thamrong Lakdaen Attorney
  75. Nonthawut Ratchakawi Attorney
  76. Nithirot Mattra Attorney
  77. Nutra Suksaengbun Attorney
  78. Nitithat Dasi                 Attorney
  79. Batsobri Wahaema Attorney
  80. Bophit Chamnan-uea Attorney
  81. Prida Nakphio                 Attorney
  82. Pathommaphong Chaiphrom Attorney
  83. Paphop Siamhan                 Attorney
  84. Pakasit Traisunan Attorney
  85. Naruemon Wilaichon Attorney
  86. Noraset Nanongtum Attorney
  87. Niranut Saensuriwong Attorney
  88. Narin Phuban                 Attorney
  89. Nitikon Purana                 Attorney
  90. Nikon Tiangkaeo Attorney
  91. Neti Thitirangsi                 Attorney
  92. Parisa Chettasan Attorney
  93. Pasuta Chuenkhachon Attorney
  94. Paphaodi Salakphe Attorney
  95. Pawina Klamthawi Attorney
  96. Pharanda Pankaeo Attorney
  97. Phalinthip Oepraphiphan Attorney
  98. Phunsuk Phunsukcharoen Attorney
  99. Phongphet Khonghom Attorney
  100. Phonphimon Mukkhunthot Attorney
  101. Phrim Bunphatthararaksa Attorney
  102. Phanom Butakhiao Attorney
  103. Phitchayuta Thanaphitthachai Attorney
  104. Phongsit Namueangrak Attorney
  105. Phet Prachanai Attorney
  106. Phitsanuphong Angkhanit Attorney
  107. Phanyut Wisetpatsa Attorney
  108. Phongsakon Tangkittrakun Attorney (Chairperson of Lawyers Council of Roi-Et)
  109. Phatthana Siyai Attorney
  110. Pol Lt Col Phunwit Ratchathisan Attorney
  111. Acting Sub Lt Phatsatraphon Chaipanha Attorney
  112. Fongchan Suksane Attorney
  113. Phawini Chumsi Attorney
  114. Phatthranitsa Yaodam Attorney
  115. Phattharaphong Wannaphong Attorney
  116. Phatsakon Samnaoklang Attorney
  117. Montri Atchariyasakunchai Attorney
  118. Monthana Duangprapha Attorney
  119. Marisa Pitsaya Attorney
  120. Manikon Tangtrongwanit Attorney
  121. Sufian Panale Attorney
  122. Misara Suwannawin Attorney
  123. Manita Hengriprasopchok Attorney
  124. Yaowalak Anuphan Attorney
  125. Yuphin Khiaokham Attorney
  126. Yutthaphong Khaosung Attorney
  127. Yuhani Cheka Attorney
  128. Yotkhunphon Donsi Attorney
  129. Yingsan Sisuying Attorney
  130. Ratsada Manuratsada Attorney (First Deputy Chairperson of Union for Civil Liberties (UCL))
  131. Ratthawit Rueangprakhon Attorney
  132. Rattikon Saraphakdi Attorney
  133. Ratthasak Anantariyakun Attorney
  134. Rotchanin Phachonsithat Attorney
  135. Ratchasak Patthamasuwan Attorney
  136. Lada Trisaksisakun Attorney
  137. Laofang Banditthoetsakun Attorney
  138. Lina Mamodi Attorney
  139. Winyat Chatmontri Attorney
  140. Winai Phrommin Attorney
  141. Wachiraya Manasin Attorney
  142. Wathan Manosunthon Attorney
  143. Waraphon Uthairangsi Attorney
  144. Wariya Thepphuwiang Attorney
  145. Wibun Bunphatthararaksa Attorney
  146. Wiranan Huatsi Attorney
  147. Wongsakon Sanprang Attorney
  148. Waritra Rungthong Attorney
  149. Watcharasak Wichitchan Attorney
  150. Wirawat Op-o Attorney
  151. Wichan Thamrai Attorney
  152. Wiphaphon Saephu Attorney
  153. Withun Khaengrit Attorney
  154. Wasan Witthaya Attorney
  155. Watkhomkrit Siwarom Attorney
  156. Sirikan Charoensiri Attorney
  157. Sasiprapha Raisa-nguan Attorney
  158. Supphanattha Bunsot Attorney
  159. Sasinan Thammanithinan Attorney
  160. Acting Sub Lt Setchan Wibuncharoen Attorney
  161. Sattra Atsawasaengphithak Attorney
  162. Supphawat Thaksin Attorney
  163. Suchaiwut Chaosuankluai Attorney
  164. Sirikhwan Lapphinyo Attorney
  165. Somchai Homlaor Attorney
  166. Sorattanamani Phonkla Attorney
  167. Surachai Trongngam Attorney
  168. Sumitchai Hatthasan Attorney
  169. Suriyong Khongkraphan Attorney
  170. Suphatthra Nakhaphio Attorney
  171. Suphansa Marem Attorney
  172. Suthasini Warotham ​ Attorney
  173. Sutthikiat Khotchaso Attorney
  174. Suthawan Bunmak Attorney
  175. Sutthikiat Thammadun Attorney
  176. Suphawadi Saiwari Attorney
  177. Suraphon Bunsaem Attorney
  178. Santichai Chaiket Attorney
  179. Sitthiphon Suriwong Attorney
  180. Sanya Iatchongdi Attorney
  181. Saengchai Rattanaseriwong Attorney
  182. Senat Thongpradit Attorney
  183. Sitthichai Saeki Attorney
  184. Seni Chaiseni Attorney
  185. Sanan Chitsuphap Attorney
  186. Somnuek Netiwanitkun Attorney
  187. Sulaksani Siri-atsawanichakon Attorney
  188. Somrit Chiangrai Attorney
  189. Sanya Nitichaowanan Attorney
  190. Somchai Nit-ananchai Attorney
  191. Saman Chumchuen Attorney
  192. Seriwat Siyoha Attorney
  193. Anuwat Ekkathat Attorney
  194. Olisa Duangphian Attorney
  195. Athiwat Sengkhui Attorney
  196. Aphiwat Saraphakdi Attorney
  197. Amphon Sangthong Attorney
  198. Apdunlo Hayi-abu Attorney
  199. Apdunkoha Awaepute Attorney
  200. Amrin Saichan Attorney
  201. Anon Kaeokong Attorney
  202. Acting Sub Lt Amrin Buppha Attorney
  203. Anuphat Phatthrawiwat Attorney
  204. Adison Kaeokanha Attorney
  205. Ekkarin Khiankaeo Attorney
  206. Udon Sawikan Attorney
  207. Aphiphu Tangton Attorney
  208. Kanokphon Chanphloi Lawyer
  209. Kuea Charoenrat Lawyer
  210. Krit Saengsurin Lawyer
  211. Kamariya Salae Lawyer
  212. Khanphet Chaithawip Lawyer
  213. Khemachat Tonbun Lawyer
  214. Chanthima Triloet Lawyer
  215. Thitirat Soisuwan Lawyer
  216. Darunee Paisanpanichkul Lawyer
  217. Thotsaphala Thatsanakunphan Lawyer
  218. Thipphasuda Yanaphirat Lawyer
  219. Thannok Chaowanasongtham Lawyer
  220. Thoratham Kanmangmi Lawyer
  221. Natmon Khongcharoen Lawyer
  222. Nitniran Awaphak Lawyer
  223. Bongkot Dararat Lawyer
  224. Bandit Homket Lawyer
  225. Praditsatha Pariyakaeofa Lawyer
  226. Prida Thongchumnum Lawyer
  227. Prani Bunpluk Lawyer
  228. Priyaphon Khankamnoet Lawyer
  229. Phenphitchacha Chankomon Lawyer
  230. Phitchachaphon Sutthirot Lawyer
  231. Phimchat Phoemphun Lawyer
  232. Photthon Onnim Lawyer
  233. Phanitphicha Taisaengthawitham Lawyer
  234. Phutthini Kophatta Lawyer
  235. Wanchaloem Siwichian Lawyer
  236. Waranya Kueanun Lawyer
  237. Watchalaoli Khambunrueang Lawyer
  238. Wannaphat Chenruamchit Lawyer
  239. Phatsakon Yinang Lawyer
  240. Mueda Nawanat Lawyer
  241. Luemhom Saifa Lawyer
  242. Saran Chongrak Lawyer
  243. Sophit Chiwaphanit Lawyer
  244. Songkran Pongbunchan Lawyer
  245. Sonthaya Khotpanya Lawyer
  246. Sonthaya Tuasungnoen Lawyer
  247. Surapong Kongchantuk Lawyer
  248. Sudarat Chongsukklang Lawyer
  249. Ommika Khamthum Lawyer
  250. Angkhana Anuchon Lawyer
  251. Achichaya Otwong Lawyer
  252. Itsaraphong Wiangwong Lawyer
  253. Atcha Songcharoen Lawyer
  254. Itsiyaphon Inthaphan Lawyer
  255. Woraphat Wiraphatthanakhup Non-Binary Thailand
  256. Chadaphon Chinnabut
  257. Chayangkun Woraraksa
  258. Naruemon Kanwongsa
  259. Thanyarat Phenglap
  260. Thanakrit Tongfa
  261. Watcharaphon Wiritchai
  262. Surirat Trimankha
  263. Suwit Kulapwong
  264. Anucha Winthachai